$75K DAYS | June 14-16, 2018

$75K DAYS | June 14-16, 2018
May 14, 2018 David Lermy

Hire a team of students and leaders for any odd jobs to be done at your home or business.

Students and adult leaders are trying to earn $75,000 in 50 hours for mission trips, camps, retreats, and so much more! Jobs of all kinds are performed: yard work, housework, babysitting, minor maintenance, mowing, painting, cleaning, car washing, etc.

This year $75K takes place June 14-16.

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Throughout the summer students will serve in Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Austria, and Malawi.  Our Mission Teams train for these trips several weeks in advance. This allows students to impact our world locally as well as globally, allowing them to live out our church’s mission to serve neighbors and nations.


What is $75K Days?

$75K Days is a fundraiser for student’s grade 6-12 who attend Mpact and want to raise money for a future trip; it is not limited to mission’s trips but can be used for any Mpact trip. We also allow Elevate Students but only those who are going on a mission’s trip are allowed to raise money for themselves. Mpact trips include Spring Retreat, World Mpact, and Motion Conference currently. We spend 50 hours working on jobs that the students and leaders collect in order to reach our goal of $75K. At the end of the 50 hours, we celebrate with a pizza party. The money each student raises through this fundraiser goes into their student account.

What are student accounts?

Student accounts are similar to a checking account. Every time a student goes on a trip money raised or paid is put into their student account. This helps us as a church keep an accurate record of each student’s trip. As a student, you do not have to have to “spend it all” each year on trips, during the duration of your time at the Assembly as a student you can save to go on future trips while you are a Mpact Student.

Do I have to go on a mission’s trip in order to work $75K Days?

No. We encourage every student to be a part of World Mpact, but it is not a requirement for participating in the $75K Days fundraiser. You can raise money for future events as well.

How do I find out about my student account balance?

If you are going on a trip in the near future we do our best to provide you with your statement balance as often as possible. However, if you ever need to know please email Scott Frederick or call the church office (918) 251-8591.

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Can I have other people work for me/with me to earn more money?

Yes, we allow others to work for/with you in order to raise funds for your student account and future expenses. Our goal is to help alleviate the financial stresses that each trip costs and our fundraisers are an excellent way to do that.

Do teams win something for raising the most money?

Yes. The first and second place teams get a larger percentage of the earnings for their student account. You may ask if this then is a competition. Well, Yes and No. The truth is we all benefit from each team. This is a friendly competition and the purpose is to help students raise money for future Mpact trips. Sniping other team’s jobs, workers, working outside of the hours of the fundraiser and other questionable things that are against the rules are not allowed. We are all in this together!

How do I as a student get assigned a team?

We open signups around the beginning of May. This year sign-ups will open on May 2, after the Wednesday evening service. We typically have 4 Mpact teams and 1 Pastor’s team. Students can sign up for any team, but we limit the initial signups to 15 students, parents are allowed to work with their student or on another team if they choose. If a parent wants to work simply contact Scott Frederick by email or calling the church office.

How many hours do we work during $75K Days?

The hours of work begin Thursday, June 14 at 4PM and end Saturday, June 16 at 6PM. Any work done outside of this time frame is not considered $75K Days fundraising and therefore not included in the money raised for students and could potentially cause your team to not get the first or second place.

What about food breaks and work breaks during $75K Days?

Each team is responsible for their own food and break times. The team leaders are fantastic at coordinating this and helping each team to succeed. If you have questions you need to get with your $75K Days team leaders.

Will I get a $75K Days shirt?

Yes. However, this year we are not doing a shirt that is specific to $75K Days. Rather, we have chosen to use the church serve shirts. This year’s shirt is the grey Difference Maker shirt.

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