Church History

From the humble beginnings of a tent revival in 1909, rose a community of believers bound by their faith in God and their love for one another.

By 1917, this small group of believers and Pastor Willard Pope formed The Assembly of God Church of Broken Arrow, OK.
They persevered through the Great Depression and two World Wars. But, their faith never waivered. It just grew stronger.

They were determined to share the Gospel—the Good News—throughout the world, and in their own back yard. Each decade offered new ideas and methods, but the message never changed. “Jesus is Real.”

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On November 9, 1952, the church celebrated its largest attendance to date.
Pastor James C. Dodd (1942-1978) welcomed 937 people to church that Sunday. It was a landmark moment for The Assembly.
Tragedy struck just hours later when a fire destroyed the church. But the people rallied and rebuilt in 7 months.
Growth continued through the 60’s and 70’s and The Assembly expanded its facilities on Main Street, adding more classes and a gymnasium. These facilities would open up a strong vision directive toward education. Small World Learning Center would open in 1976 and Summit Christian Academy in 1987.

It soon became clear that the church was outgrowing its Main Street location. After 70 plus years at the corner of Detroit and Main, leadership began to look to the future.

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That future would be found at the corner of 101st & 129th in South Broken Arrow. 40 acres of land, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, was purchased in 1994.
Pastor Tom Goins (1978-1995) led the church to make this leap of faith, and God was in it. Pastor Kenneth McGee (1995-1998) would lead tent revivals on the new property, honoring our past and providing a glimpse of things to come.

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The Assembly began to grow rapidly between the late 90s and early 2000s. The pews of the old Main Street facility were packed each Sunday. Relocation was moving from a dream to a necessity. Pastor Michael Goldsmith (1999-2008) and the church board were ready to make the move.
But it took time. Time to draw up the proper plans. Time to raise the money needed to build. The challenge seemed insurmountable, but God had a plan. First Baptist was also relocating, and their 800-seat auditorium and spacious classrooms would serve as a bridge location for The Assembly’s congregation.

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And after 5 years at the Broadway location, the day arrived. On Mother’s Day 2007, The Assembly opened the doors to it’s new $10 million facility at the corner of 101st & 129th. It was a day like no other. With one voice and in one accord, God’s people celebrated and worshipped.
The Assembly’s vision continued to grow as Pastor Ron & Kelly Woods were elected to serve as lead pastors in January 2009. Under their leadership, the church expanded outreach efforts, both locally and globally. A new 38,000 sq. ft. children’s ministry center was added to the church campus in 2015 to accommodate the growing number of young families in our church and community.
Today, the church stands united in purpose and calling – to serve neighbors and nations with the love of Christ. We want people to Know God, Maximize their Potential, Discover Purpose in life, and Make A Difference in their world.
100 years is remarkable, and we’ve only just begun. We are humbled by all that God has chosen to do in us and through us. The Assembly of God Church of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma is a testimony to His faithfulness.