After more than a year of research and revisions, the church board of The Assembly at Broken Arrow is pleased to present a proposal for the adoption of our own constitution and by-laws at our Annual Business Meeting on March 2. Our church currently operates under the standard church constitution and by-laws offered by the Oklahoma District of The Assemblies of God. With the growth of our church and its ministries, it has become apparent that The Assembly at Broken Arrow needs to adopt a constitution and by-laws that reflects our large and multi-faceted ministry.

With the encouragement of our District Superintendent of the Oklahoma District of The Assemblies of God, and the District’s legal counsel, we have submitted this proposed constitution and by-laws for their review and they have approved the documents we now present to you.

We encourage you to review this document. We would love to answer any questions you may have. You may contact Pastor Devin at the church office to schedule a time to talk in person or by phone.

View Church ByLaws Draft