100 Happy People

You might not find the cure for cancer.
You might not crack the code on global warming or world hunger.

But you can do this.

You can make 100 people happy.

This mission requires no Ph.D. or M.D.
It demands no funding or travel.
Age, ethnicity, and gender are not factors.
You don’t have to change jobs or change cities or change neighborhoods.

But you—yes, you—can do this.

You can make 100 people happy.

You can change the world.

You can make a hundred people happy.
Intentionally. Purposefully. Practically.

You can increase the number of smiles in your city.

You can cause a hundred people to sleep better, laugh more, hum instead of grumble, walk instead of stumble.
You can lighten the load and brighten the day of one hundred human beings.

The 100 Happy People Challenge.

Here’s how it works.


Create “100 extra-mile moments” between March 5 and Easter Sunday, April 16. Intentionally seek to make someone happy by doing more than you would typically do.


Share your experience with others. Tell your family. Share in your Sunday class. Post your photos and stories on social media and include the #100HappyPeople hashtag.


Track your progress on paper or on your phone. List the names of people and ways you tried to brighten their day. Make note of the moment. What did you do? What did you learn? What was the setting?

At the end of forty days will your world be different?
Will you be different?

Take the 100 Happy People Challenge and discover how you and your world can be changed.

Need a few tips and ideas on making 100 People Happy?
Download our handy Make 100 People Happy Checklist!

Download PDF Checklist

And what about you? Are you happy?

Everyone wants to be happy, but do you know what really makes you happy?
And, why is happiness easy to find but hard to keep?

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