Sunday Groups

Get connected and grow stronger in every area of your life.


Each of our group teachers give sound doctrine and provide you the opportunity to connect with them and others in a meaningful way.

Sunday morning groups meet every Sunday in classrooms at the main church campus. The time frame, 9:00am and 10:45am, makes it convenient for you to attend a class and then a service, or to attend service and then a class. These groups are typically long term so if you miss a week you can jump right back in the next week.

Current Sunday Morning Groups

Larry & Joan Lichlyter

Aaron & Rosie Ashworth

Will & Krystal Lee


9:00am | Room 242

Looking for a loving place to grow in your faith as well as grow in your marriage relationship and parenting? Thrive is a group of young couples and families mostly in their late 20’s and 30’s. It is a great place to plug into the church community and meet new people. With fun group events throughout the year, you will have built-in opportunities to connect with other couples in your phase of life. Grow together, learn from each other and not just live, but THRIVE.

Larry & Joan Lichlyter | Aaron & Rosie Ashworth | Will & Krystal Lee

Devin & Tonya Rohr

Gary & Gail Marten

Gary & Gail Marten


9:00am | Room 232/233

If you come to church and find pancake batter in your hair, we get it. This group is made up of couples raising elementary school-age kids. The class offers just the right amount of food, fun, and faith learning. Led by the funny and candid Devin and Tonya Rohr, you’ll find instant friendships that last a lifetime.

Devin & Tonya Rohr | Gary & Gail Marten

Greg & Susan Newburn

Mad About You

9:00am | Room 130/132

In the prime of life, this group has been around the block and still loves learning new things and meeting new people. Greg and Susan Newburn lead one of the most active groups in the church. Diving in to the Word of God and fearlessly exploring the faith makes this group an excellent place for couples raising families and empty nesters. Fun activities, great discussion, and active home small groups make this a great place to connect each week; don’t miss out.

Greg & Susan Newburn

Nick & Anna Smith

Scott & Judy Phipps

Matt & Cherish Latta


9:00am | Room 241

Get ready to have fun. This group of young singles and married couples in their late 20s-mid 30s is a great place to plug into the church community and meet new friends. With home groups and lots of activities, this group is the perfect place you. We come together to grow in Christ and be United.

Nick & Anna Smith | Scott & Judy Phipps | Matt & Cherish Latta

Allen & Christina Voth

Walking In The Word

10:45am | Room 130/132

A love for the Word of God, and a strong belief in the power of prayer & care for one another, define our group. We explore the depths and riches of the Scriptures, seeking to understand what they teach and how to apply them to our lives. Open to all ages and stages in life.

Allen & Christina Voth

David Lermy

Harbor Lights

10:45am | Hospitality Center

With a treasure trove of life experiences to draw on, the members of Harbor Lights are a diverse group of people who love the Lord. Led by David Lermy, this class is a church tradition and offers unparalleled guidance to other members of the congregation. Biblical teaching and in-depth study of faith make this group a fantastic way to stay in touch with your church and build lifelong relationships with other people of faith.

David Lermy

Emery & Sharon Horvath

The Lighthouse

10:45am | Room 241

Led by Emery and Sharon Horvath, the Lighthouse is a group of dedicated believers wanting to become a beacon of light in an ever darkening world. By examining each book of the Bible, you’ll learn more about God’s love than you ever thought possible. Members are from all walks of life and want to live a spirit led life.

Emery & Sharon Horvath

Jennifer Zwick


10:45am | Room 232/233

Don’t let the name fool you, no one in this group is alone! A diverse group of single adults who are inspired to learn more about their faith, members of Singlevision love to have fun. A weekly chance to mingle with friends and foster a thriving spiritual life, members of this group create meaningful friendships and are active in serving the church. Join other Christians and learn from them, laugh with them and find a home in this community.

Jennifer Zwick | Erin Kelley

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