Join the Aloha Team

4th/5th Grade Serve Opportunities

The Aloha Team is an opportunity for Assembly Kids in grades K-5 to serve guests and their peers in Sunday and Wednesday services. Unique options are offered for those in 4th and 5th grades.

What’s Expected?

  • Core Value Keeper
    • Love God
    • Love People
    • Do Your Best
    • Have Fun
  • Help everyone feel welcome
  • You will be a leader and example for others in the Gathering Space and/or the Chapel
  • You will be a team player ready to adapt to any given situation
  • Complete Aloha Team training on ministry grid
  • Utilize planning center (4th/5th grade students only)
  • Attend Dream Team huddle (4th/5th grade students only)

Kindergarten-3rd Grade Opportunities

Gathering Space Time

  • Look for those who need a friend
  • Play with different people that you might not know yet
  • Host the area you are playing in by welcoming guests and chatting/playing with others
  • Be prepared to be called on to give “Tours” to 1st timers. It will be your responsibility to show them around and introduce them to someone to play with.

Starting Service Time

  • When the announcement is made on the loudspeaker that it is now time to go to chapel this team reports to the center of the Gathering Space.
    • Help put away all toys and games and return them to the cart
    • Once given the all-clear you will be dismissed to your chapel

During Service

  • Lead by example
  • Follow group leader's directions
  • Be humble and serve wherever necessary

Kindergarten-3rd grade students will use a roster system for scheduling/checking on service days instead of using Planning Center.

4th and 5th Grades  Opportunities and Expectations

Older Aloha team members will be given unique opportunities to lead their peers in praise and worship or help lead in small group settings with the assistance of a dream team member.


  • Assistant leader in K-2 small group`
    • Helping assist a group leader in the K-2 chapel (passing out papers, answering questions, participating in praise and worship, etc.)
    • Aloha team members may not correct any behavior, but they can help the leader by being a positive example and encouraging the younger kids to do their best
  • Praise and Worship leader
    • Doing dances on stage when it is time for praise
    • Leading kids from the stage when it is time for worship


  • Attend Dream Team Huddle
    • Wednesday 6:45 pm [7 pm service]
      • In the 3-5 Chapel
    • Sunday 8:30 am [9 am service]
      • In the Gathering Space
    • Sunday 10:25 am [10:45 am service]
      • In the 3-5 Chapel
    • What is covered in the meeting?
      • During this meeting, we will go over the plan for the day and where you are assigned to serve.
      • You will receive your Lei to wear for the day, these serve as your “uniform” so that we know you are serving that day.
  • Planning Center response
    • When a request comes in for your week to serve, please confirm or decline by Thursday of that week.